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Year: NA

This is a small embroidered Batmobile patch Approx. 4 inches long.



History of the Batmobile Litho

Year: 1999

This Warner Bros. store exclusive is number 236 of 350.


Post Mark

Year: 2010

Batmobile post mark from Argentina.


Garbage Pail Kids

Year: ?

Garbage Pail Kids series 4b. Bratty Brad on a 1966 Batmobile.



Year: 1995

this Batman Forever hologram was released by Fleer and has Built for Speed typed on it. Number 31 of 36.


Signed Picture

Year: 2009

A photo with diecut boarder signed by George Barris June 6, 2009 in London Ontario.



Year: 1977

Cartoonarama made these coloring plastic sheets. Batmobile on the box is not one of the coloring sheets.


Batman Game

Year: 1966

Milton Bradley game. This counts as 5 Batmobiles! 3 small different colored game pieces, the Joker in the Batmobile on the game board, and the box cover shows Batman fighing a goon in the Batmobile (not pictured here).


Fan Pack


This is a Batman Fanpack. It is prints of photos from the TV show (12 of them) and 64 copies of corespondence from various parties about the Batmobile.


Door Art Kit


Elmer's made this kit with a coloring page of the Batmobile, and a marker and crayon with the Batmobile on them as well as the sticker.


Light Table

Year: 1977

Sheets of paper to trace over when placed on a light table. Made by Lakeside and numbered 8236 (I don't have the table but would like to see one if you have it).


Subway Cards

Year: nt/11

These cards are from Hong Kong and I am told were subway tickets (cards) released around the Batman Forever movie.



Year: nt/11

These stickers were released for The Batman tv show on WB by Sandylion. Look close to see the small Batmobile sticker.


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