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Artwork Gallery 4

Gotham City Mystery game

Year: 2003

Two game pieces from the Gotham City Mystery game made by Mattel.



Batman Periscope

Year: 1966

This Batman periscope was made in 1966 by Bar-zim. It shows Batan and Robin, the Batmobile, Batplane, and Bat gyro!


Batman #20

Year: 1943

The first Batmobile on a comic cover. One slight panel inside of the car without stripes.


Movie Blueprints

Year: 1989?

4 blueprints of the Keaton Batmobile. They measure 11 x 17.


Comic Book Foldees

Year: 1966

TCG released this Comic Book Foldee showing Batman and the Batmobile. Picture shows both sides.


Drew Carey

Year: 1999

Promo photo from The Drew Carey Show.




Sandy Lion stickers, Pop-up and Lenticular.


Con Batmobile

Year: 2012

Hand out of Andrew Murray's reproduction Batmobile.




Kids placemat with The Batman cartoon characters.




Batman animated series Batmobile card #41.



Year: 1991

Impact International Batman Returns notebook.


Batmobile the Complete History

Year: 2012

Coffee table book by Mark Cotta Vaz.


1966 Print

Year: NA

British artists work.


4 Prints

Year: 2012

4 posters made by moviecarposters.com.


Novely Money

Year: 2012

Novelty money with the 1966 Batmobile on it.


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