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Fisher Price Gallery


Year: 2011

The Fisher-Price Geotrax Batmobile and Batman. It comes with a 'remote' to control the speed of the car while on the trax.



Double Bubble

Year: 2011

This Fisher Price Imaginext Batmobile is the 1966 style. It comes with Batman, launching disks and lights up.


Shake n Go

Year: 2010/11

Like an ATV. Says a saying and then zooms.



Superfriends Batmobile

Year: 2004

Billed as "My First Batmobile," this car goes with the Superfriends toys that Mattel made in 2006-07.



Shake n Go

Year: 2007

This is the shake n go batmobile from Mattels Fisher-Price division. It says a few different phrases/sounds when shaken and the tires spin.


Year: 2008

A new kids toy released by Fisher Price. Batman can sit in this car and the wheels turn.




This is an Imaginext DC Superfriends Batmobile. It has a start key that Vrooms and makes the car go forward. Included is a Batman fig and Joker barrels.


DC Super Friends

Year: 2011

FisherPrice Imaginext Dc Super Friends Hero World transforming Batmobile with Batman. Basically a dune buggy that lifts up into an off road vehicle.




Batman in his Batmobile from the Trio set of toys.


Batmobile Light


When you press Batmans head, the hood lifts up and a light turns on and it says: "I am the night." or "Tracking mode engaged." Birthday (44) from Jordon!!


Lil People

Year: 2011

Electronic Lil People Batman and Batmobile with 3 sayings.



Year: 2012

4 wheeler that shoots a 'spinner' when the tires are spun.


Little People

Year: 2009

Two smaller little people batmobiles from the DC Super Friends line.


Little People

Year: 2009

Batgirl in a Batmobile from Little People DC Super Friends line.


Little People

Year: 2013

This Batmobile came with the Race and Chase Batcave set.


Little People

Year: 2013

Yet another Little People Batmobile, this one with a yellow windshield.


Spiral Speedway

Year: 2011

The Batmobile and Joker van from the Spiral Speedway.



Year: 2013

The Batmobile and Batman set.