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Brave and Bold

Year: 2010

This is a Brave and Bold cartoon type of Batmobile. It is number 42 of 44.



Crome Elite

Year: 2009

This is the elite crome Batmobile numbered 541 of 3000.


Color Shifters

Year: 2009

Hot Wheels Color Shifter Tumbler. Changes from black to camo.


Custom Motors

Year: 2009

This kid has interchangeable parts for the Tumbler. This is a starter kit without the motor.


Track Stars

Year: 2010

Another variation (red stripes this time) of the Batman Batmobile.


Penguin Mobile

Year: 2010

The 1966 Batmobile after the Penguin got ahold of it. Also shown is the Batman and Robin Batblade.


More 1:50's

Year: 2010

More of HW 1:50 set. Batman Forever, Batman Returns Armored, Batman and Robin, along with Batman Returns Batboat and Batpod.



Year: 2010

The 1:18 Elite from the Batman Movie (Michael Keaton) limited to 9,989.




This is a Stealth Rides RC small Batmobile (about 8 cm). I opened this one and it is a great, powerful RC car.


Color Shifter


The Keaton Batmobile Color Shifter.


Arkham Asylum

Year: 2011

Arkham Asylum Batmobile released as a new 2011 model. 1st Batmobile my son Jordon bought me. Thanks kid!!!


Dark Knight

Year: 2010

Dark Knight movie 5 pack. Tumbler has silver rings on the tires.


DC Universe

Year: 2011

DC Universe Hot Wheels Batmobile.


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