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Hot Wheels


Year: 2011

1:50 scale 1966 Batmobile in chrome. The other two cars are the same as previous releases.



Remote Control

Year: 2010

1966 Batmobile radio controlled car.


Batman Live

Year: 2012

Batman Live Batmobile. This is the Batmobile made for the Stage (Theatre) production, listed as #65 and HW Imagination.



Year: 2012

Krogers exclusive Halloween painted Batmobile.


Keaton standard

Year: 2012

The Keaton Batmobile made at 1:18 scale and is the standard (NOT Elite) version.


Batman Live

Year: 2012

Batman Live Batmobile available at the theatre shows. No different than the regular one.


1980's Style


This Hot Wheels is styled after the Super Friends cartoon. It is metal with rolling tires and opening hood.




This is a 1:43 scale Keaton 1989 Batmobile Elite in plastic case. It was limited to 10 000.


Clear windshielf

Year: 2013

A more detailed version of the 1966 car. New pinstripes, tires and a clear windshield.


Classic TV Series

Year: 2012
size: 7.5 cm

Classic TV Series 1966 Batmobile. It has the clear windows and the small holed tires.


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